Soluzioni per servizi Evoluti

QNAP TS-470, dotato di sistema operativo QTS facile da usare, è una soluzione NAS sicura, scalabile ed affidabile progettata per applicazioni “mission-critical” e archiviazione di dati in rapida crescita. TS-470 offre elevate prestazioni con velocità effettiva persistent, garantendo una soluzione di storage completa dotata delle seguenti caratteristiche:

  • Velocità di lettura fino a 450 MB/s e di scrittura fino a 423 MB/s con supporto 10GbE opzionale
  • Incremento fino a 36 dischi rigidi con 216 TB di capacità raw con enclosure di espansione RAID REXP-1600U-RP
  • Backup completo, ripristino di emergenza e gestione di protezione dei dati
  • Supporta VMware®, Citrix® e Microsoft® Hyper-V®, nonché funzioni di virtualizzazione avanzate.


Turbo NAS firmware V4.1.1 – (modello TS-879U-RP)
Il firmware Turbo NAS V4.1.1 di nuova generazione che consente di ottenere migliori performance attraverso l’interfaccia di rete CoverFlow-like AJAX, il demo riguarda un modello molto evoluto in modo da verificarne tutte le potenzialità.
Account:qnap    –     Passwordqnap
Operating System
Embedded Linux
Disk Management
  1. Single Disk, JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 5 + Hot Spare
  2. Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration
  3. Bad Block Scan and Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T.
  4. Bad Block Recovery
  5. RAID Recovery
  6. Bitmap Support
Supported Clients
  1. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows Server2003/2008 R2/2012
  2. Apple Mac OS X
  3. Linux & UNIX
Power Management
  1. Wake on LAN*
  2. Internal Hard Drive Standby Mode
  3. Scheduled Power on/off
  4. Automatic Power on after Power Recovery
  5. USB and Network UPS Support with SNMP Management
Supported Browsers
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  2. Mozilla Firefox 8+
  3. Apple Safari 4+
  4. Google Chrome
Access Right Management
  1. Batch Users Creation
  2. Import/Export Users
  3. User Quota Management
  4. Local User Access Control for CIFS, AFP, FTP, and WebDAV,
  5. Application Access Control for Photo Station, Music Station, Video Station, and Multimedia Station
  6. Subfolder Permissions Support for CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP, and File Station
Multilingual Support
  1. Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
Domain Authentication Integration
  1. Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
  2. LDAP Server, LDAP Client
  3. Domain Users Login via CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP, and File Station
File System
  1. Internal Hard Drive: EXT3, EXT4
  2. External Hard Drive: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+
myQNAPcloud Service
  1. Private Cloud Storage and Sharing
  2. Free Host Name Registration (DDNS)
  3. Auto Router Configuration (via UPnP)
  4. CloudLink for Remote Access without Complicated Router Setup
  5. myQNAPcloud Connect for Easy VPN Connection (Windows VPN Utility)
  1. TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6: Dual Stack)
  2. Dual Gigabit NICs with Jumbo Frame
    – Failover
    – Multi-IP Settings
    – Port Trunking/NIC Teaming
  3. Service Binding Based on Network Interfaces
  4. Proxy Client, Proxy Server
  5. DHCP Client, DHCP Server
  6. Protocols: CIFS/SMB, AFP (v3.3), NFS(v3), FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, iSCSI, SNMP, SMTP, and SMSC
  7. UPnP & Bonjour Discovery
  8. USB Wi-Fi Adapter Support
  1. Syncs Files among Multiple Devices through the NAS
  2. Option for Not Removing Files on the NAS during Synchronization
  3. Selective Synchronization
  4. Shares Securely with SSL
  5. Team Folder
  6. Shares Files by Links via E-mail
  7. Uploads Photos or Videos to Qsync Folder Automatically via Qfile
  8. Restores Files from Network Recycle Bin
  9. File Name Conflict Policy
  10. Option for Filter Settings
  11. Privilege Control for Qsync Users
  12. Supports Windows & Mac OS
  1. Network Access Protection with Auto-blocking: SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP, CIFS/SMB, AFP
  2. CIFS Host Access Control for Shared Folders
  3. FIPS 140-2 Validated AES 256-bit Volume- based Data Encryption*
  4. AES 256-bit External Drive Encryption*
  5. Importable SSL Certificate
  6. Instant Alert via E-mail, SMS, Beep, and LCD Panel*
Web Administration
  1. Multi-window, Multi-tasking based System Management
  2. Movable Icons and Personalized Desktop
  3. Smart Toolbar and Dashboard for Neat Display on System Status
  4. Smart Fan Control
  5. Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  6. SNMP (v2 & v3)
  7. Resource Monitor
  8. Network Recycle Bin for File Deletion via CIFS/SMB and AFP
    – Automatic Cleanup
    – File Type Filter
  9. Comprehensive Logs (Events & Connection)
  10. Syslog Client/Server
  11. Firmware Live Update
  12. System Settings Backup and Restore
  13. Restore to Factory Default
  14. Mobile App Qmanager for Remote Monitoring
Powerful All-in-one server
File Server
  1. File Sharing across Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX
  2. Windows ACL
  3. Advanced Folder Permission for CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP
  4. Shared Folder Aggregation (CIFS/SMB)
Surveillance Station Pro
  1. Supports over 1,400 IP Cameras
  2. Includes 1 Free Camera License
  3. Up to 16 Camera Channels via Additional License Purchase
  4. Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) for Advanced Video Search
  5. Visual Aid by E-map
  6. Surveillance Client for Mac
  7. Mobile App: VMobile (iOS and Android)
FTP Server
  1. FTP over SSL/TLS (Explicit)
  2. FXP Supported
  3. Passive FTP Port Range Control
Photo Station
  1. Organizes Photos in Timeline Automatically
  2. Tags Photos by Text, Color, and Rating for Quick Search
  3. Slideshows with Background Music and Different Transition Effects
  4. Animated Thumbnails for Videos
  5. Geotags Photos with Google Maps
  6. Shares Slideshows and Photo through Email, URL, or Social Websites
File Station
  1. Supports ISO Mounting (Up to 256 ISO Files)
  2. Creates and Sends Download Links for Sharing Public Files with Expiration Time and Password Protection
  3. Drag-n-drop Files via Chrome and Firefox Browsers
  4. Photo, Music, and Video Preview and Playback Empowered by Built-in Transcoding Technology
  5. File Compression (ZIP or 7z)
  6. Mobile App: Qfile for File Browsing and Management
Music Station
  1. Plays or Shares Music Collections with Web Browser
  2. Automatic Classification via Media Library
  3. Internet Radio (MP3)
  4. Up to 8 Music Alarms
Backup Station
  1. Remote Replication Server (over Rsync)
  2. Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) to another QNAP NAS or FTP Server
  3. Works as Both RTRR Server & Client with Bandwidth Control
  4. Real-time & Scheduled Backup
  5. Encryption, Compression, File Filter, and Transfer Rate Limitation
  6. Encrypted Replication between QNAP NAS Servers
  7. Desktop Backup by QNAP NetBak Replicator for Windows
  8. Apple Time Machine Support with Backup
iTunes Server
  1. Audio and Video Sharing for Windows & Mac iTunes
  1. Data Backup to Multiple External Storage Devices
  2. Synchronizes with Cloud Storage: Amazon S3, ElephantDrive, Symform, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  3. Third Party Backup Software Support: Veeam Backup & Replication, Acronis True Image, ARCserve Backup, EMC Retrospect, Symantec Backup Exec, etc.
Video Station
  1. Web Video Sharing
  2. Video Categorization and Transcoding
  3. Publish Videos to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
Print Server
  1. Max No. of Printers: 3
  2. Supports Internet Printing Protocol
  3. Print Job Display and Management
  4. IP-based and Domain Name-based Privilege Control
DLNA Server
  1. Supports DLNA/UPnP TVs and Players such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
Storage Plug & Connect
  1. Creates and Maps Shared Folders by QNAP Windows Qfinder
  2. Creates and Connects to iSCSI Target/LUN
  1. Streams Videos, Photos and Music from NAS to Apple TV via Qfile or QAirplay’s Web-based Controller
  1. iSCSI Target with Multi-LUNs per Target (Up to 256 Targets/LUNs Combined)
  2. Supports LUN Mapping & Masking
  3. Online LUN Capacity Expansion
  4. Supports SPC-3 Persistent Reservation
  5. Supports MPIO & MC/S
  6. iSCSI LUN Backup, One-time Snapshot, and Restore
  7. iSCSI Connection and Management by QNAP
Digital TV Station
  1. DVB-T Digital TV Live View, Recording, and Playback
  2. Supports up to 2 USB TV Tuners
  3. Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) with Scheduled Recording

Note: The availability of DVB-T broadcasting and EPG may vary depending on geographic locations.

Finder (Windows)
  1. Virtual Disk Drive (via iSCSI Initiator)
    • Stack Chaining Master
    • Max No. of Virtual Disk Drives: 8
Download Station
  1. PC-less BT, FTP, and HTTP Download (up to 500 Tasks)
  2. BT Download with Magnet Link and PT Support
  3. Scheduled Download and Bandwidth Control
  4. RSS Subscription and Download (Broadcatching)
  5. Bulk Download with Wildcard Settings
  6. RapidShare Download Support
  7. Website Subscription Service: YouTube, Vemeo, niconico
  8. QNAP Download Management Software: QGet
    – For Both Windows & Mac OS
    – Manage the Download Tasks of Multiple QNAP NAS Remotely over LAN or WAN
Server Virtualization & Clustering
  1. VMware vSphere (ESX/ESXi 4.x, 5.x)
  2. VMware VAAI for iSCSI and VAAI for NAS
  3. vSphere Plug-in
  4. Citrix XenServer (6.0)
  5. Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
  6. Supports Microsoft ODX
  7. QNAP SMI-S Provider for Microsoft SCVMM
  8. Windows Server 2012 Failover Clustering
HD Station
  1. Playbacks Videos, Music, Photos on TV with XBMC via HDMI Output
  2. Watch Various Online Contents Such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Shoutcast, etc.
  3. Web Browser
  4. Supports USB U.S. Keyboards and Mice
  5. Supports QNAP Qremote App and the Official XBMC Remote App


  1. The playback and quality of some video files may be affected due to the current CPU and GPU’s decoding capability.
  2. Up to 5.1 channel audio passthrough can be supported
VPN Server
  1. Secure Remote Access: PPTP & OpenVPN VPN services
  2. Max No. of Clients: 30
APP Center
  1. Adds New Features by Online Installation of over 90 Official and Community Software Add-ons
* The data encryption functions may not available in accordance with the legislative restrictions of some countries.Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.