Version 2.1, new MBLI S.a.s.

Version 2.1, this is the MBLI S.a.s. of Marchese Daniele Rosario of 2018, it was made necessary the umpteenth evolution, the demonstration of the dynamism that has always distinguished it among the Sicilian companies of the technological and plant sector.

2018 marks a year of evolution where it sees the “version 2.0”, giving way to the even more dynamic “version 2.1”, which finds more and more place to offer services, to the detriment of the sale of products.

The 2.1 version of MBLI S.a.s. of Marchese Daniele Rosario, finds his “old” partner Gaspare Borsellino, who has never abandoned his “creature”, and falls fully into the company of which he was one of the founding members, the very young former partner Marchese Nico, leaves the MBLI continuing his passion for technology within other realities.

The figure of Eng. Gaspare Borsellino is for the 2.1 version of the MBLI S.a.s., of fundamental importance, in fact beyond to hold the role of Technical Manager and Designer, they deal with giving new impetus in the field of research and development.

The first of the great commitments for the 2.1 version of MBLI S.a.s. in 2018 it is to create a technical, insurance and legal structure that can support its customers in the diluted transition to the introduction of the new European legislation on Privacy 2016/679, the law will radically change the approach to use and conservation digital data.

During the first few months of 2018 the 2.1 version of MBLI S.a.s. by Marchese Daniele Rosario, will consolidate the new commercial agreements with partners Invoicex, VoIpVoice and Libemax.

Thanks to the agreements with Libemax and VoIpVoice, MBLI will be able to offer new technological solutions at extremely competitive costs, often managing to halve the costs related to telecommunications forecasts and costs; By the end of the first half of 2018, we could offer VoIP targhet entrerprise solutions to the costs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMB).

The new board, as the old man has started to invest in software, economic and human resources, new solutions designed for SMEs and freelancers will soon be available.

the MBLI S.a.s. is continuing to be involved in the project that provides for the integration of a GroupWare system for business management together with dedicated HardWare that will “host” the application; the device can be used or rented as needed, the possibility of sending SMS and managing VoIP calls will soon be integrated.