Day 14.02.2011, born MBLI S.r.l. experience different but complementary sectors idroclimatica plant, electrical plant engineering and information technology of three professionals who have decided to undertake a common path to excellence.

Always in compliance with existing standards (such as the Statement of quality assurance, the Statement of voluntary, industry technical legislation and the legislation on public works), the search for the best man-made solution is the essential target which the members have implants , to provide a highly qualified and qualifying.
Team play, with a module to “zone”, using a football metaphor, always can address the problems, with what is now called “lateral thinking”, finding innovative solutions and at low cost.
The friendship and harmony that unites the members is a guarantee of safety and reliability for the customer, you will always find availability for personalized and almost never standardized solutions with a fair cost / benefit ratio.
The customer also the conclusion of the work will not be left alone in the management of the system, whatever it is, it will be informed and accompanied in the constant and proper maintenance of the property.
Consulting and maintenance is useful both to lengthen the life of the plant as well as ensure that health which is responsible to provide and maintain throughout his life, as in the case of an air conditioning system.

Today MBLI S.r.l., with the experience of the market, linked to the difficulties caused by the crisis, has rimodulto its infrastructure being able to offer services that until recently could not handle; braids done the MBLI S.r.l., stands out among similar companies operating in the sector of high-tech equipment, because of the deep imprint of IT company, this has allowed us to create innovative and ambitious projects.

On day 12.12.2014 is the new MBLI as we would say today, version 2.0; the will administrator Daniel R. Marchese of the “old” S.r.l., comes to life S.a.s., which compared to the previous version, abandon the old way of making traditional and / or technological systems, realizing only systems with a high technological level.
The new MBLI now has a new young figure, leaving room to partner Nico Marchese, but not interrupting working relationships with the other two founding members of Srl, Gaspare Borsellino and Giovanni Lanza, who continue to work in another capacity with MBLI S.a.s.

The new management has decided to immediately invest in the software division, economic and human resources, short new solutions designed for SMEs and freelancers will be available.
The software includes the development of stand-alone applications, the creation of a new server and connectivity infrastructure, the integration of Open-Source software and finding new partners for management applications.